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About Traction

The common misconception is that for startups to succeed, you’ll only need a ton of funding, top talent and a life-changing product.

If only it were that easy….

I learned through various ups and downs that if you can’t drive traffic and fail to acquire customers, your startup will die a horrible death.

The good news is Traction Today can help you avoid the worst case scenario, with actionable tips that drive results. My resource and community feature case studies, stories and insights from startup founders and industry experts. I tell stories, secrets and behind-the-scenes strategies that founders have used to build their startups, and how you can use it too.

Starting a business is hard, but it doesn’t have to be IMPOSSIBLE.

You don’t have to do it alone.

By providing comprehensive and effective marketing, product and business strategies, I’ll help you grow your business and make more money.

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About The Founder

I’m a marketer, entrepreneur, PM and the founder of Traction. I publish actionable and simple strategies that startups can use to grow their online business.

My introduction into the marketing industry happened through my design blog, homedesignfind.com. I stumbled upon SEO and social media marketing and quickly learned the ropes to grow my traffic.

I then worked for Plndr, an online boutique, under Karmaloop—the world’s largest online retailer of streetwear. As the VP for Product and Growth, my efforts in marketing and product development helped the organization grow to over $130 million in revenue.

I’m the founder of Hingeto [YC W16]—a fashion technology company—that helps brands expand product assortments, increase their traffic and make more sales.

After my successful foray with several startups and small businesses, I created Traction to teach the lessons I learned along the way. I help startups, small businesses and brands identify market opportunities, make products people want, and gain traction for their products.

You can find more information about me on my personal website.

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